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Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Kohls Haul

Hey Beauties, hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday, it's raining here... The sun needs to come out lol!

So this week I went to kohls, (not pictured) I had to get my son and daughter some spring pjs, so I got a bunch of those for them and some play clothes for outside. We are getting them a swing set in a few weeks, so gotta have some clothes to play in, ESP my 2yr old son... Boys!! Lol

Of course I got some things.. Let me share it with you..

I love this because I can use this for church or dress it up and use it for a nite out..

I love these jeans capris, I'll prob wear a cute tank with it? And I got these black leggings- it has lace on the sides.. Cute

I fell in love with this romper, romper are so in this season, my mother said she use to wear these back in the day.. Fashion always repeats huh ;)

I thought this dress was so cute, very different for me, but I'm tryna be different this season :)

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Stay Bless

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