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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beauty Haul

Hello Beauties..

so i have a beauty haul i would like to share with you. So last weekend me and my hubby went to downtown Chicago...man i love this area..i love seeing all the people walk..=-) anyhow I went to Forever21, first time going to a Forever21 store, it was really HUGE, 3 floors...they had alota cute things, but the layout was horrible, i didnt like it at all. I brought this cute black headband with a flower on it..its too cute, still havent wore it..but will soon! Also i feel in love with this rosary necklace, its really long..so chic. I plan on getting my accessories up to game lol.

I also got, (not from chicago, but recently) my mac studio fix in NC45 and concealer in the same color. I like the foundation but to me i just dont like the powder look-soooo, i found on youtube about the mac fix spray, ladies are spraying this on after they apply their foundation to give off more of a natural look...i will be buying this very soon to test it out =-) I also got the MAC prep+prime skin base...and the MAC DazzleGlass in Bare Necessity.

Other beauty products i got, loreal Golden Splendor, ill be using this as a golden tint with my glosses. I also went ahead and picked up the urban *decay primer potion =-) And a eyeliner brush from target.

My friend told me about the loreal hip eye-shadows..so i picked it up to try it out, the color i brought was Striking.. i need practice, because im not use to doing blends of eyeshadows but i tried it out..not to much with the yellow but you see it in the picture above..ill get better =-) and
one last thing i got was some Garnier Leave-in, this stuff is so cheap but it works wonders on MY hair..i LOVE IT!!!

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  1. great haul girl!i am loving your new background and picture!


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