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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Relaxer Thoughts...

Hey Beauties!!!

So i have been protecting my hair 100% by wearing a lace front wig...and i loooove it! I have not gave up on my half wigs but i wanted my hair to be covered, all of it. The Lace Front im rocking right now is Sunny by Model Model, im sorry i will try to get this tutorial up very soon, i have been really busy and tired =( But this wig, O-M-G loves it...ill get into more details about her in the video =-)

Now my last relaxer was Dec 24th, or was it Dec 23rd, lol. Anyway- it will be "time" to do one the end of this month...but....i just ordered a human lace front wig to rock. I ordered human because i want to be able to style it and for it to last longer. Synthetic hair does not last to long. And i dont want to spend $40 every few weeks. So im really tryna decide if i should relax this month (the end) or relax in June (the end)...i really want to hit my goal of BSL, or at least touching BSL. My hair seems to grow slow IMO and i dont want to be disappointed. I have worked so hard to get where i am at and i just want to keep going hard at it =) -- my hair will be touching my butt one day lol--watch me ;)

The only thing, is dealing with 2 textures..egh...i hate it..but if im wearing my lace front wig...i should be able to handle it..right? thats the tough part..i just hope i dont get weak and relax lol...

I cant wait for my new lace front wig to come in...details soon, next week for sure...now i just have to get these 2 other tutorials up...busy-busy-busy...but i do it all for you BEAUTIES =)

C'ya Soon...

Stay Blessed and Remember Praise HIM..HE IS SO WORTHY =)


  1. you look great! i've been natural for almost 2 years now! i'm trying to find products that work well on my hair... still searching! until then, i will be rocking my weave :)

    i really do want to wear my real hair though, what hair products do you use?


    come by & visit me!

  2. Thank You Beautifull! i so wish i would have went natural when i started my HJ...the products i use are listed under my regimen tab and i also have a YT video on it =)


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