if you dont know yourself, you wont love yourself, & if you dont love yourself-you wont RESPECT yourself....-PureBeauty


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Be Generous...

Sometimes we tend to "Judge" others and don't even realize it. Is that right? Of course not...we are Gods children, we are not here to judge and we should not judge. Instead of judging others who are not "Like" us-how about we give people the benefit of the doubt. Step into their shoes and you will understand why they are the way they are...Be Generous with others, and open your heart to them...you never know the effect you COULD have on someones life...Help them get on track to God instead of walking away...

Life is a Journey to Heaven...let us help others get on that road instead of turning our backs on them because they are not like "US"...

You could be the Turning Point in someones Life...Let us Grow...in the name of God!

All it takes is one person...take the life of being a Healer..and you will Live the life of Victory!!

Lord Jesus i repent of my sins come into my heart....I receive you! Amen


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