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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oil Rinse to The Rescue

Hey Beauties!! So I will be adding something to my hair regimen and thought i would share it with you =) !!! OIL HAIR RINSE!! Im going to explain the benifit of doing an oil rinse incase you want to try it yourself.

An Oil Rinse is to help with dry hair, especially African American hair texture. Our hair is the healthiest when its kept moisturizer, and when we keep it moisturize, we will see a MAJOR difference in our hairs health. If we dont keep our hair moisturize-we will indeed see dry hair resulting in breakage..ive been there. Oil Rinses can help soften the hair follicles and promote GROWTH...good right?


1. Wash your hair using warm water to open pores and really get your scalp clean (cold water closes the pores)

2. Next GENEROUSLY apply your oil of choice (i will be using warm coconut oil)

3. Rinse with warm water-at this point your hair should feel soft to the touch. And tangles should be easier to manage.

4. Then follow with your conditioning... pay attention to those ends..we want to retain them =)

5. Use cool water to rinse, this will help remove some of the oil residue. Also cool water will help with smoothing the cuticles-resulting in plenty of SHINE =)

*Remember to Clarify once a month to help remove build up from products, esp oil.*


  1. Sounds interesting been hearing about this have to try it and see how my hair likes it. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I ran out and brought the oil Please do a oil rinses video!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. you welcome ladies---i will =), next week it shoul be up

  4. I think I'm gonna do this on my cowash days. Cant wait to see the results. Question... has your hair always been this thick?


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