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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The "CURE" to Acne!!

Hey Beauties!!! Boy do i have some amazing tips for you today, now this has worked for me and many many others. But before you try, i suggest you look online or/and ask your Dr.

(The One I Use)


Now i have never had a problem with face acne in my teens until very recently. I didn't really start to break out until May of 2010, very very mild, but it wasn't normal. Now keep in mind i just had a baby in Aug of 2009. Maybe it had something to do with that. My husband thought and really still do think it was because i was starting to wear makeup on my face, something of which i never done either...i was always the chic wearing eyeliner, mascara and gloss, nothing more. Maybe my face couldn't handle it? The acne would calm down and go away, come back and go away. Now around Oct i broke out SO bad, the worse ever in my life, i broke out on my cheeks....i had enough, went to a Dermo... Dr prescribed some meds, but gave me samples 1st to try...at this visit she told me it could be hormonal due to just having a baby girl awhile ago...*BINGO*... OK now wait, i tried the gel she prescribed me...and it went BAD!! It was way to strong for my skin, it burned and caused peeling...needless to say i stopped taking it.

I tried many other over the counter acne treatments..nothing helped like i expected. Finally i ordered some Aveeno Clear Complexion foaming wash and moisturizer (worlds best moisturizer!!) and this has helped somewhat...while using this, a fellow youtuber/blogger had put up something that has helped her face clear up 100%!!!! ACV toner and Mask!!! God had finally answered my prayers...Check their blog out for amazing results and recipe HERE and here's the VIDEO

I have been using this for almost a month, and all my acne (bumps) are gone. I still get little ones from time to time, mainly on my forehead and i think that's from the oils from my hair causing that (always had that issue with oils dripping down lol) . This is amazing, its cheap, and its all natural. Whats better than that...you tell me.

How I Use It?

I use the toner 2xs a day, morning and night. I use the mask 2xs a week. The smell does not bother me and i love the results. Now I'm just working on the dark spots to fade and go away for good. Its fading, but to speed it up, i am also using Ambis Fade Cream 2xs a day. More about Ambis ingredients HERE 

•Apple cider vinegar is acidic, so use caution when applying it to your face. If your skin becomes irritated, do not use, or dilute the toner with more water..•If you are allergic to apples, do not use..

I hope this helps someone like it has helped me =)

Stay Blessed!!!


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