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Monday, March 28, 2011

Pony Love

Hey Beauties...

I have never been the type to wear pony tails because they tend to hurt me, no matter how loose. But today i wanted to actually see how my hair looked in a pony tail (length) and o-mm- to the G, I'm so amazed at how beautiful and long it looks. Looking at this picture, i don't believe this is "my hair"!! If i sound excited and proud, that's because i am!! I have worked my butt off these 2 years to get my hair to be strong and healthy, (which it has never been due to lack of knowledge) so I'm very thrilled!!! I just want to share my journey with others, because it is possible to have long-beautiful-HEALTHY HAIR for WOC!!!

Want to know how i learned all my knowledge on haircare? Join K-I-S-S

HAHA-i think i might be rocking ponytails now lol =)

Stay Blessed Beauties


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  1. Seriously, I did a baby banana food DC and rocked my hair in a pony tail and was amazed at how healthy my hair actually is. You pony tail is very pretty, love it.


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