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Thursday, March 24, 2011

13 Week Comparison

Hey Beauties, so here is my 13 week comparison. I love my results. And i have to say I am really proud of myself so far on my hair journey. This is the longest and healthiest my hair has ever been. With sticking to a good regimen for my hair, and learning what to do and what not to do, has made a DRASTIC change in my hair.

I plan to relax my hair in 12 weeks, which brings me to the end of June. This time, i will be doing oil rinses and giving my new growth some TLC by keeping my new growth moisturize and sealed, just like my ends. My hair is getting longer which means more work for me. So its time for me to make some changes in my hair care routine, esp when that new growth is kicking in. My hair is thick,so i have to make sure i detangle the right way or i will get some knots =(

I made a mistake with this last relaxer by not detangleing it before doing my actual relaxer, which resulted in 4 knots in my hair =( which i had to basically rip out...egh...the thought..  =/  So i will makesure i detangle the "PROPER" way from now on...this was my first and my last time i get some freaking knots in my hair!!!

Im really hoping to hit BSL by June and MBL by Dec..this is going to be huge for me, because i have never been that length...but i beleive i could do it with the support of all my KISS SISTERS.. =)

I just received my order from Amazon of the Pure Coconut Oil, i cant wait to use this for my oil rinses...ill let you beauties know how that works out.

Talk To You Beauties Soon...Stay Blessed



  1. i love coconut oil. i pre poo with it overnight every other week

  2. your hair look so good in the most recent picture. I agree. I chopped off my hair 5 years ago and i'm still trying to get it back to the length i want it at. It's definitely a long process. You are gorgeous!


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