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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Triple Twist Bun

Heeeey Beauties!!!

I did this bun a few days ago, tryna experiment a little bit with buns, being i am not a bun person at all. So i am not use to wearing buns, i think i look weird with my hair pulled back lol...but back in the day I LOVED PONYS lol. So this is something i have to get used too. I want my ends to be protected, i want to - have to reach my goal of being BSL by June...

So here all i did was brushed my hair to the side right back and used a headband, as a pony holder. I took 3 parts of the pony and did a loose twist to them all and secure them with a bobby pin, then of course added a little clip flower from F21.

Looking at the pictures it dont look that bad, lol i took it right down after i did it lol. I am going to start making tutorials on my buns soon...i promise =)

*pictures taken off cell phone*


  1. I think its really cute. I'm like you, back a long time ago I use to wear only pony's and then when I wore my hair down...I felt that is the only way to go anymore. But having long healthy hair is way more important and buns are cute especially when you add hair accessories! :) Can't wait for the tutorials!

  2. You make me want Long hair again LOL.. This is so Hot girl.


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