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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hey Beauties...So i finally found my New Love, Revlon Temptress!!! I have been wanting this color, this nail polish ever since i watched it on one of my favorite Beauty Gurus on YouTube, HoneyK1020, check her out...let her know i sent you =) I was on the hunt for this nail polish ever since lol. And i finally found it last weekend at CVS, $5.00. This is my new favorite pink of all time now, reminds me of a baby doll pink...Pink was deff the color for 2010, dont you think? They even had the Revlon Temptress Lipstick...maybe ill try it...dunno.

 Excuse the quality, photos taken from cell phone... also i used 2 coats of temptress followed by Revlon multi care base + top coat


  1. OOO, this is a gorgeous color! Now I want it LOL: and I think I want the lipstick even more!!

  2. lol...try it girl...Yeah the lippe was cute!


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