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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bantus on Flat Iron Hair

Hey Beauties!!!

So i did this style after i already had my hair flat ironed from my relaxer. I actually did this right before i washed it out the next day, lol wasnt sure how it was going to come out. I did 5 Bantu's, 2 on the front side, 1 large middle, 2 in the back...the middle was a fail, should have done like 2-3 smaller ones instead of 1 large one. Now i know. So all i did was apply a little bit of my LTR and my favorite oil, Argan Oil, and went to twist lol..Slept in them and woke up and these were the results.... 

Overall i liked it, its a nice loose wave..nice summer hair style imo. I plan on doing a double twist Bantu next week, that will be my 1st time doing it. Seen it on YouTube on HoneyK1020's channel. i cant wait to see how this comes out.. of course ill be posting pics and doing a video =)

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