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Monday, January 10, 2011

Beauty Tip:: Garlic

Hey Beauties! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend =0)

So I'm going to share with you what i have learned about Garlic? Are you a garlic lover? Did you know garlic has many benefits to taking them? Think about your grandparents or even your great grandparents, I'm sure if you ask them they can give you so many beauty tips with the food or supplements around you, why spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars when you don't have too?

Health Benefits:

Garlic is a powerful Antibiotic, its one of the most popular health herbs out there right now.
It can also help with high blood pressure.
Reduce Levels of Fat in the Liver.
It can also help prevent certain cancers.
And it helps prevents heart attacks and diabetes and much more.

Hair Benefits::

Garlic can also be good for our scalp and our hair. Garlic stimulates blood circulation to our scalp and helps remove any harmful toxins which is important for the growth of our hair & helping prevent hair loss.
Adding Garlic to your shampoo or conditioner can help with making your hair stronger and to STOP any breakage...hey now lol!
Garlic can also help with dry hair and scalp

"An hour before bedtime, slice open a clove of garlic and rub it on the hair loss area. Wait for an hour then massage the scalp with olive oil. Put on a cap and go to bed. In the morning, shampoo your hair. Repeat this remedy for a few weeks, and hopefully hair will stop falling out and re-grow."


Garlic promotes weight control...allicin is the most potent substance found in garlic and this has been shown to not only lower blood pressure, insulin and  more, but also to prevent weight gain.
The reason it helps with your weight is because garlic acts as a appetite suppressant.
Garlic has another lethal weight loss arsenal- it stimulates the nervous system to release hormones like adrenalin which speeds up your metabolic rate

So as you can see Garlic has many benefits and this is just a small list...lol

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