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Monday, January 3, 2011

Results of Flexi Rods

Hey Beauties...so i did a flexi rod set the other day ago. I LOVED the results, curls were pretty and shiny. I used orange and yellow flexis, it made my hair look extremely shorter,
 but i like it because it was rubbing on my shirt and messing with my ends. I air dried 85%, that way i wouldn't have to worry about it not drying all the way doing it sooner. After it air dried i went ahead and applied some carols daughter loc butter (my daughters lol) and the results were pretty IMO. I washed with aphogee shampoo and conditioner (i always do this for my 1st wash after a relaxer) and followed by doing a deep conditioning with one and only argan oil mask, applied my leave in, LTR & used my argan oil of course followed by a little bit of CHI.

To maintain this style, all i did at night was apply a little more LTR & argan oil then finger comb a lil to smooth out and reapplied the rods. Next day it was still looking very fresh and pretty.... I then washed it out the 3rd day...

I will be trying the purple rods this week as well...pictures coming.

Watch the Video HERE


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