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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just Thoughts....

....These are just my thoughts, i don't know why I'm writing it here, but maybe its to help someone, to touch someone. Did you know God blesses us to bless others? He does. I feel like i am put here to do something, we all are. But you have to learn to listen to him and to pay attention to the signs he shows you. I remember before being saved, i would always here the word of God from random people. I never payed any attention, i was a lost soul, i thought i was "saved" but i wasn't doing what a saved person do...i was doing worldly things. Doing what my mind wanted to...Sin. But i always put the word out of my head...but now i realize that it was God all along SPEAKING to ME!!! Gosh, i was so blind...so blind, so lost. Honestly I'm just happy i finally opened my eyes and ears and heart to him...I got saved before it was to late. I'm not ashamed of GOD, I'm not ashamed to let the world know, because you know what, its God telling me to write this, because i believe this will touch someone who reads this..God uses us to touch, to speak, to warn others. Its up to you to actually LISTEN. Don't look at it as someone just preaching the word to you, its God, rather its your mom, your friend, a stranger....Learn to Listen to his voice, to recognize it. It will save you.

I am changed in away you can not see...i am change from within. What use to get to me years ago, can not touch me anymore...SIN. I am not perfect, i am human, and i do tend to slip up, sometimes i let the Devil into my weak zones, my past-my hurt. I am learning to keep my armor up at all times, but sometimes it gets to heavy...but I'm praying to God for him to lift that heaviness away and to help me each day to be a better woman of God..I live for him 1st- my family 2nd. When you feel weak and you feel yourself slipping...pray to God for guidance.

Move your past/sins to another column and claim it dead. I reckon it...i Reckon myself to be dead. I rather live my days here knowing and doing what is right by God then to live in Sin and do what my flesh wants me too...which is more important?

You cant change what has happen to you in the past or the things you have done. Take what has hurt you, move it over to another column, you are taking all the POWER OF GRIEF  away...AMEN! Don't let your past hold Power over your Present-Your Future-YOUR DESTINY.

If you haven't watched the video from yesterdays post of TD Jakes....please do so.

I am going to choose to be positive, i am not going to be negative or bitter from my past hurts. Don't ever give anyone Power over your life. When people do you wrong, rather its your friends, family, children, mother or father..do not let what they DID TO YOU BECOME YOU!!!! That is Power!! You are better than that...You are Gods Child...and you are free of it. You cant change what is going to happen to you but you can choose how you feel, you can use it to become bitter or use it to become better...IM USING MINES TO BECOME BETTER.


  1. What a beautiful post.:D Thanks for sharing, it was a good read.

    Happy Tuesday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. This was a very inspiring post I always enjoy when I see other bloggers speak on their faith and love for God. I just deleted all of my posts and started afresh because I begin to deal with some issues that weren't in the right direction I wanted my blog to go. Now that I have renewed my covenant with the Lord I know recognize that I can do my business and be all about Him as long as I put him first so I had to get me out of the way!!! Thank you for this and your family is beautiful!!! Be Blessed and look forward to more posts from you!!!

  3. im happy you ladies enjoyed it...
    stayed blessed!

    @Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder:: im happy you were touched by this, i really am. I am going to check your blog out as well...and thats good how you renewed yourself, and yes we can do everything and anything with him 1st, be not of the world...with his love for us, we can make it through everything, and be at peace. thank you, stay blessed and thank you for taking time out and responding =)

  4. I needed this right now. God always knows what you need and when you need it. I am thankful that I was directed this way today and to you for listening to his direction. God bless you for being a blessing and encouraging others. Have a blessed evening!!!

  5. @Blessed Tresses, yees he does, he is NEVER late! I have to..i have to listen to him, i owe him that =) he has blessed me in so many ways, i owe him everything--my life. Stay blessed Beauty!


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