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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Triple Flower Updo

Hey Beauties!!!

OK, i know you are prob laughing at the name but i just honestly didn't know what to call this look...all i can say is that is was inspired from YouTube. LOL. Didn't turn out like the girls on YouTube, but i think it still looks cute,esp with the flowers clipped in. I like it alot, i like that its off my face, off my clothes, and my ends are protected still...

Im just trying many different looks, im not use to wearing my own hair out so i have to be creative with it if i don't want to wear it down...buuuuuut i will be flat ironing next weekend...family pics, plus its been almost a month anyway since i used heat, so ill be ok...next relaxer will be in March..end of March so to say...

What would you call this look?

I took 3 sections of hair, twisted it and did it like a pin curl, then secured it with a bobby pin. Lifted the front a little bit so it wouldn't be flat...this is another heat free hair style by the way...who says you cant look cute with out heat...shoot I'm shooting for bra strap hair baby lol =P

Tutorial coming soon...been sick so all I've been able to do was take pictures, sorry =(


  1. Oh I love it! It's SOOOOOOOOOO pretty! You always look gorgeous! Feel better doll! XX

  2. hey Jacenda (thats a really pretty name by the way=) thank you so much Beauty

    xoxo purebeauty

  3. OMG girl you do some bad Hairstyles....I love this.

  4. lol thank you Aprial..girl im tryin to be "creative"


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