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Thursday, January 27, 2011

How I Self-RELAX part 1

Hey Beauties...Happy Thursday =)

This is how i self relax my own hair. This is just to give you an idea incase you are wondering how to self relax. Remember, what works for me might not work for you.

The relaxer i use and love, is Dark & Lovely, regular, with shea butter
First i section my hair into 4 parts, i then apply my proclaim oil (pic below) to my hair, a very little bit, making sure i get my ends to protect them. After i do this, i then put like a quater size amount of oil into the relaxer mix. This helps slow down the relaxing process...

Then i apply it to my new growth ONLY, with the relaxer brush (i kno this isnt the right name lol). I start at my crown since this is where my hair is more coarse at and is harder to get straight...i then move to the back, nape area, the the front of my hair, finally doing my edges LAST. I time myself and watch my hair from once the relaxer touches my hair to see how it is processing. I leave the relaxer in my hair anywhere from 15-20 mins. I move in a fast but i make sure to be careful not to overlap.


I then rinse out all of the relaxer really good, making sure not to leave any behind...Before i neutralize my hair i apply Aphogee 2 min (protein) this helps put some protein back into the hair making it strong from the relaxer...which takes out some protein.

I leave this on anywhere from 5-10 mins, then i rinse and neutralize my hair. I neutralize, rinse 3xs...on the last wash i leave in my hair for 5 mins..to make sure to stop the relaxing process.

Next i shampoo my hair with Aphogee Shampoo for damage hair. Rinse, then i deep condition my hair with one n' only argan oil mask.

Leave on for 10-15 mins..rinse, then final rinse with COLD water!

woooooh....that was a lot, lol, but thats what I do...I will let you beauties know what i do after this in part 2...what products and stuff like that =)

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  1. Aphogee Shampoo for damage hair - I have died my hair several times, and have spent the last year growing my hair out, being nice to it, doing a lot of treatments etc. I bought this shampoo at Sally, and I really like it. My hair was kind of red from taking the black out of it (I'm a brunette) and I noticed my hair got less red, and darker after a few days of using this shampoo. I think it's very gentle, and makes my hair feel healthy. i would recommend it.


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