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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Caruso Wave Pony

Hey Beauties!!!

So today i went ahead and put my hair in a "banana clip" with a slight hump in the front. Yesterday after i co-washed my hair i let it air dry 100% then i used my Caruso rollers to set some loose waves. Yesterday i just pinned it up, today i put in the clip. I don't want to really wear it down for awhile because i don't want my ends rubbing against my clothes, you really have to be careful with your ends, that's the part that will break off easily....that's why alot of times women don't think their hair is growing bc their ends are breaking but their hair is still growing (new growth). You really have to protect those ends ladies. Moisturize and Seal are so important for women of color.

Products Used:

garnier leave in conditioner
garnier serum
tresseme moisture conditioner (co wash)
one n' only conditioner (after co wash, left in for 5 min then rinse with cold water)
chi infusion (before applying rollers)
Caruso rollers

I maintain the wave at night by of course using my LTR and Argan Oil then putting it in one bantu knot on the top of my head, secure it with bobby pin and place bonnet over head...and head to bed =)

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  1. Pretty! Thanks for sharing! I also use a Garnier Leave-In Conditionner and love it (=


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