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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Raymond vs Raymond Review

Wow, I'm so proud of Usher right now!! His cd has blown me away... He is back and what I mean by that.. You can FEEL the emotion that he put into it. You can feel the pain and you can feel the love! I love this cd! I went and picked it up today at target.

Hearing his voice, his music, it's truely art, don't you love how music soothes you? Especially when you're down and hurt... It just somehow lifts you up.

My fav songs off the album
1. Hey Daddy
2. Lol Freak
3. Mars vs Venus
4. Pro Lover
5. Foolin Around
6. Papers
7. So Many Girls
8. Guilty
9. Making Love

I like them all, there isn't a song I don't like but those are my favs

I can't wait for his concert!!! Omg I'm so ready!!!

Muah usher

Pure Beauty

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