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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rihanna...Rude Boy?

Soooo....where do i start lol. Well in my PERSONAL OPINION when i first heard this song i was thrown off...big time! It was a little out there.. i mean i cant be the only person thinking this..rite, am i? "come here rude boy, boy, can you get it up?" oooh wow lol ... "imma let you be the rider, giddy up, giddy up, giddy up babe" and "is you big enough"... XRATED HERE...

Now dont get me wrong, i like rihanna, i think she has a great and unique voice, i love all her songs..and even this one, as you can see i have her song in my player to the right..did you hear it? lol. But i was really thrown back like WTH are you doing Rihanna.. i think you are better than this. But it is music, she is an artist, and she is a grown woman... So even thought i had my thoughts on this. I will deff continue to support her music..Keep it up Rihanna =-)


  1. I find it strange that you would support an idea like this one, seeing that it sends a horrible message to young women! Rihanna, as a person, is better than those horrible words! No one should send a message out to the world that it is okay for some jerk to be rude to a girl. I will never support or tolerate that idea.

  2. I agree with Anonymous. No young girl or "grown women" should have to hear shameful words like those: that some trash can be rude to a girl?

    Rihana was victim of "a rude boy" already, and now she's telling her fans that it is okay for any loser to be rude to a girl?! I hate that type of GARBAGE that some individuals have the audacity to call music! How could she do that? I hate it and anything like it.

  3. Rihana isn't the only one who let those words slide. She performed that crap live at the kids choice awards! Hundreds of thousands of kids and teens tuned in to watch it, and many were watching her live. I'm not trying to tear her apart, but after all that happened to her publicly, I'm surprised that she would even fix her lips to say those horrible things.

  4. With all due respect, would you still listen to Rude Boy, if it were some 'rude boy' uttering words like: giddy up giddy up giddy up babe"? Either way, it's wrong; weather it's a girl saying those terrible things or a loser guy.

  5. It's not strange sweetie, everyone is entitled t their own opinon and what they listen to and support. No I don't think it's a positive mess to young adults, but if you raise your children right you wouldn't worry about a song changing that. :-) thanks for reading and commenting.


  6. I Do agree she shouldn't have performed that song at the kids choice awards... That was just dumb. But don't you think the award show should have done a better job, I mean they had to know she was going to perform that song..

  7. Hey Mylinda, love ur blog and your utube vids ... came across your post and i just had to comment. I'm in stitches right now reading the comments on this blog. I'm Trinidadian and originally the term "rude boi" was used to describe jamaican gangsters and drug dealers who were know for causing trouble. They were known as rude boys because of their attitudes. Now in this present day a rude boi to us is simply a bad boy.plain and simple. In NO WAY does it mean that a guy is going/will be RUDE or disrespectful to a woman. please don't take the whole rude boi term out of context ... it's a caribbean term ... we love it, we understand it... if u don't like the song..change the chanel, move your ipod to another single ..geez... it's not that serious!!!
    Rude gyal haha


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