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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hair Fun...

Nowadays Hair weaves, Half-wigs, lacefronts, and sew-ins are a must. Its like having the perfect purse to match your outfit. I remember when it wasnt...time has sure changed. Who isnt wearing a weave. And you now see weave being worn by all races. I think its beautiful...its part of what makes being a girl fun, we can change up our look. I love it. I wear anything from sewins to half wigs...I have thick, long, healthy hair, but i love my weaves and im not ASHAMED to admit, I WEAR WEAVES BABY..if ya dont like it...oh well lol, i love em!!! And to be honest i think my hair, well wait, i know my hair is healthy because of it..its my protective style.

The key to wearing any type of weaves is that you must have the confidence to wear them...you just have to. You cant worry about what other people are thinking..if you like it...show it off with a smile. Its your hair, your style, your money..and its all you!!

I love my half wigs so much, i have so many, so many different styles, my "classy", my "sexy"..lol everything...i have clip in tracks in my closet, drawstring ponies..lol, haha you name it, i prob got it. Now i just wanna try some lacefront wigs...i will soon tho =-)

so ladies...i say rock your sexy, change up your style, and rock it with confidence baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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