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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sexy RED Lips

So i went to walgreens last nite for a few things we needed, and i stopped by the makeup section. I have been wanting to try some red lipstick for the longest..just never stepped up to it lol..i dont wear lipstick, just glosses. So i didnt wanna spend nothing high for something i may not like or whatever, so i got the wet and wild red for only 2bucks. I gotta say i like it, not really to wear out tho, but when i wanna look sexy and spicy for my hubby lol, so with that being i will be trying better brands of the red shades. The wet and wild is pretty, but it smears fast and is rather dry looking, i want something of a better quality and with some sheen. I may even try some other colors of lipsticks.... =-)

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