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Monday, March 15, 2010

Friday Night

So Friday night i went out with the ladies to Pepes for drinks. We had a pretty nice time, its been such a long time i been out for drinks lol, after having two babies within a 2year period..your going out life is put on hold. Not that i mind either, because i rather be home with my family then anything, but sometimes, you just need that time out with your friends. Anywhoo.. pepes had a mix crowd, nice music, i had two drinks, a long island..sorry no pics, and a shot of patron. then we headed to sheffields afterwards...wow, this place was so boring lol, and there was a fight there...um needless to say we cut that short and we went home. But overall it was nice just having ladies night. =-)

sorry for the quality of the pictures...these are all from my iphone until i get me an updated camara lol.. iphones, you would think it would be better quality and with a darn flash built in it...oh well. lol

also excuse how im looking...hahaha

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