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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Carols Daughter Review

So today i used the carols daughter line, first up, the black vanilla shampoo. It smelled good, not to strong of a smell like i thought it would be but it was cool. I loved the texture, it looked like honey...mmm...wanted to eat it lol, jk. What i didnt like about this was it seemed forever before i felt my hair was clean...took me 3xs to finally feel a slip. Not Good. Will i use this again, No

Next up, the Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie, the smell...horrible lol, i didnt like it, i cant explain it but it just didnt smell right lol. It made my hair feel...hmmm... lets just say i had better. I like Garnier & Aussie alot better. Will i use again, no.

Hair Milk, i love the smell...omg smells like lemon...so good, so refreshing. I love this, its very light weight, a little goes along way. You dont need alot, just a dime size. Its creamy and it do look like milk, will i use this again, Yes!

Mimosa Hair Honey, mmmm..smells like heaven. Again this is an oil, so im using this to seal my ends after the hair milk. You dont need a lot just a little. The texture melts, nice and smooth. Will i use again, Yep!

Over all, this is just my opinion from my experience. Everyones hair is different. These products were giving to me by my mother-in-law.


  1. great review! I will have to look into this

  2. Great review. I have Carols Daughter products also and I lv them all. I love that you dont have use alot to make it work.

  3. I like Carols Daughter products. I have tried the Healthy Hair Butter...liked it...the Mimosa Hair Honey...liked it so far when I used it until my daughter ate most of it...lol...and the Tui Hair Oil...smells like a dream...I may have to go back and get that!


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