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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Healthy Hair Journey...

so i been on my healthy hair journey since dec of 2008, so 15 months in the making. Its been a long road but i have been enjoying my journey. I had stumbled on traycees hairsite, k-i-s-s.biz...if you are not a member and you are ready for some healthy hair..join her site, there are alot of GOOD tips on there, and traycee herself her hair is crazy BEAUTIFUL AND LONG, she has a blog as well, keepitsimplesista.blogspot

My hair has been through alot over the years, i didnt know how i was suppose to take care of my hair, what my texture needed. My mom did her best, but she has a complete different texture then me, shes puertorican with curly fine hair, mines is course so to say and very THICK. I been to alot of stylist who was so happy to cut cut cut, and i didnt know about moisture and protein until i read traycees blog. Im so thankful for her and her blog, her sharing with women how to care for their own hair to make it healthy and long..because many of us, like myself didnt think it was possible to have "long hair"... and my hair is still growing...my goal is for the end of the year, my 2yr hair anniversary, for bsl!!!! i think, no wait, i KNOW i can make that..

look out for upcoming blogs..i will be sharing, MY secret on how i am retaining ALL my Length!! =-)


  1. wow your hair grew like crazy & well.

    New follower :o)

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  2. Looks like you got the hang of the hair journey. I just started regrowing mine from shoulder length. I reached bsl and experienced alot of breakage and hair thinning after the birth of my daughter. It was all due to lack of upkeep and laziness though. I'm a little below shoulder length now...just have to keep it healthy.


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