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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Hair & New Lip

Hey Beauties! So in these pics, I'm rocking my new MAC Creme Cup lippie with the MAC Bountiful Gloss over it. I'm loving it, i think its so cute...The texture of this lipstick glides on so smooth..i love it. Ill post more pics of the new lippies once i wear them.

Also I'm rocking a new doo...its a Lace wig actually, Isis Sabrina. Its a curly wig, i love texture wigs, its more realistic IMO. Also with this brand, i notice the wigs aren't shiny like most..that's a must. I decided to rock my lace because I'm 8weeks post relaxer and my New Growth is KICKING in now...so I'm using this style to protect my hair 100%...i still do my daily routine with my hair Reggie. I may rock some half wigs during this period...but right now,i want my hair to be covered to the fullest. I'm going to relax at the end of March/Beg' of April...i hope to be on my way to BSL...But I'm not expecting to reach that goal until June...*crossing fingers*

Heres more Pics of MAC's Creme Cup=)



  1. hi sweetie, you look gorgeous with the new hairstyle and the lip color is so adorable.

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  2. you look way gorgeous!!! love the lip color on you...what a pretty girl :)


  3. aww..*blushing* thank you both!!! <3

  4. Where do I start?! Love the new lipstick AND the wig! You won't be mad if I go get that wig right?! Lol. I know you said it was a lace wig but it looks like your hair at the front. I'm so new to wigs as you can see! Lol.

  5. @Sweet as Candy, thank you girl..naw i wont be mad lol, i say ROCK IT!!!=) lol...im still kinda new too..check out my YOUTUBE, I just put up a teaser of this new LaceFront...omg this was looks so real..=)

  6. This shade looks great on you. Love it!

  7. Beautiful.. What color is it?

  8. Beautiful.. What color is it?


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