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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beauty Tip:: How to Save that NOT so Pretty Shade of Lipstick?

Have you every brought a shade of lipstick from the store or online, and it looked pretty in the tube but once you got home and tried it on...you were like, WTH!!??!! lol

Well I'm sure you have just like myself. I have done that so many times, even just recently. I ordered some MAC lippies, first did my "research" online on YouTube and thought i would be "Safe" but ummmm...no!! So i ordered the Vegas Volt, i feel in love with this color...once i got it home and actually tried it on my lips (yesterday)...my heart was tore in pieces lol. I HATED IT!!! Its just way to BRIGHT for my lips, my face, my everything...it makes me look like a CLOWN!

So...what did I do? Like the past mistakes lol! I apply my lip gloss first and then i apply just a very little of the Lipstick of Horror lol, and it makes my gloss pop with a nice little tint! Tones the color down BIG TIME! And leaves me happy and not feeling like i have wasted my money =/


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  1. thanks for that trick! I'm gonna try it some time. I have A LOT of lipsticks that went unused.


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