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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beauty Tip:: Aloe as Face Primer

ALOE VERA GEL anyone??

Aloe Vera Gel works perfect for a face primer! It leaves your skin feeling SUPER soft and moisturize. Face Primer in general gets your face ready for makeup, creating a smoother and even canvas. So does Aloe Vera Gel, and it leaves your pores looking smaller. Sounds good to me, lol. If you are using a powder foundation you can apply your aloe vera gel before your makeup (make sure to let the gel DRY!!) or if you are using a liquid foundation, you can mix the two or just apply it before...the choice is yours.

I actually like this as my face primer now, better than my MAC, ELF, Revlon...im in love with my simple Fruit of the Earth Aloe, which only cost 4 bucks....=)

You can use any aloe vera gel, or fresh aloe Vera, but make sure it is 100% aloe and its CLEAR!!!

Also Aloe Vera Gel is GOOOOOD for your skin...all natural & healthy. You cant beat that right?



  1. Thanks for the tip... This is definitely cheap enough for me to give it a try!

  2. Ill have to try that. Im also taking aloe vera tablets


  3. omg! I have this and never used it!

  4. Interesting. I have MANY aloe vera plants around my yard. I use it for burns, but never would have thought for a primer. The taste is nasty though. So the gel maybe better lol.

  5. Awesome Tip! I love Aloe Vera Too! Hope you don't mind if I share this valuable information.

  6. I have to try this I never heard about it being used for primer but I was something what types products would do the job at afraction of the coast thanks for the tip

  7. I just wanna ask real quick .....what exactly do you mean by "primer"??? I've never worn much makeup...just a small amount of foundation and mascara! My problem is oily/shiney skin! Will this help??


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