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Sunday, February 13, 2011

1st Bantu Knot out (AirDry Hair)

Happy Sunday Beauties!!=-)

So a few days ago i did my 1st Bantu Knot out on air dry hair..the results were cute. My husband actually loved it, so thats always a + right?!


I co-washed my hair with my fave conditioner, Tresseme with Vit E and i deep conditioned with One n Only Argan Oil Mask for (15 mins) no heat. I then proceeded to my way of air drying (i already have a YouTube video on this, check it out). After it was dry i applied my LTR & Oil. I also used a little bit of Carols Daughter Loc Butter on each section of doing the knots. I did 4 knots on each side, left & right, with a part down the middle (made with my fingers, no comb) I secured them with bobby pins, applied my satin scarf and went to sleep....

Next morning:

Applied a little oil and rubbed it through my knots before separating and fluffing.

I liked the results, gave me like a short curly look, i think this would deff be a cute summer style.

Nite Time Routine:

Of course i still did my moisture and seal =-) but instead of doing 4 knots on each side, i decided to do 1 knot on each side, lightly finger combing so smooth out just a bit, then did each knot.

Next Morning Results:

The waves are a bit looser...

And theres my post Beauties...Also to let you know, you may not see *MY* hair because im going on 8 weeks post and NG is kicking in, so its time to protect my hair and give it a break,i want to retain my length so its very important i pamper it...I will be doing my 1st love of protective styles, lol, half wigs and even some lace front wigs until my next relaxer at either 12 or 13 weeks post...hey maybe even 15wks, i will see and of course keep you updated =-)

All other tutorials of my heat free styles will have to be after my relaxer =-(



  1. cute! I love bantu-knot outs!
    btw- You are gorgeous and seems like your kind of tall...never too late for modeling :-)

  2. Awww...thank you!!! *i always wanted to be, when i was younger =)*

  3. I love fresh bantu knot outs but I don't like how they look days after. This is exactly the case with yours! Lol... I love the fresh finish but not so much the day after when it was wavy. Do you have any advice for no-heat protective styles that aren't wigs?


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