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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Drugstore.com Beauty Haul

Hey Beauties!=)

So i was tempted when i came across DrugStore.com...they have some really good prices, better than Walgreens and CVS-IMO. Plus they offer FREE shipping when you spend $25.00...good right...well that's not the only thing, they even off online coupons to use and not to forget some of their buy one get one half off...sounds very tempting..and tempted i was! lol.
By the way...everything shown, i purchased with my own money =) and everything came up to $27.00....i think that is REALLY GOOD! So to the haul....


 This color is soooo pretty...its called Minted..i cant wait to try this color out!

Black Lingerie, i haven't wore black polish since middle school...even though my husband thinks its Ugly, i think its chic...so i deff wanna try to rock this again..lets see how it looks soon.

All Fired Up...This is my fave, i LOOOOOVE red polishes and this one is FIRE...(im wearing this now lol--very sexy color) sometimes you need a little Spice in your life =P

 Craving Coral..i really wanted to try a coral color..great spring color..all i need now is a coral and peach shade lipstick =)

 Of course i had to get a couple lipsticks..esp after see this cute red one on YouTube..i had to have it!

FairyTale...very pretty pink, not toooooo bright, perfect shade of pink for me..well lets see it on 1st right lol.

All Fired Up...now this little sexy lipstick was the reason for my WHOLE purchase lol...this color is a MUST..OMG ITS SOOOO SEXY!!!!!

And here are the swatches...very pigmented! Thumbs Up for that!!

I cant wait to play around with everything shown...I think i may wear Hot Passion tonight, going out with the hubby...ill also be posting my OOTN!!! Wait to you see my dress...its so cute!


  1. Oh great haul... I love that mint color and pink lipstick... I have never been on drugstore.com ... I'm going to check it out now

  2. thanks sis, they have alota good deals =)

  3. Girl, yes that Drugstore.com is a godsend sometimes! I found my limited edition Nars 'Little Darling' lipstick on there!! So, I'm definitely up on it! Lol. Also, I love that Mint nail polish, got that in my stash as well ;-)

  4. will definitely be checking it out never heard of it!!! thanks!

  5. I love this haul! That Fairy Tale lipstick looks nice on you.


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