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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Caruso Saran Wrap

Happy Tuesday Beauties!!!

Caruso Saran Wrap...say what? lol. Yup, i said it, now what exactly is it? I havent seen anyone do this on YouTube (that i know of) but i came up with the idea from the basics of a roller wrap but without all the work of course. Hey time is an issue with me, i have 2 children under the age of 3, so i stay busy. Ok back to the post..

I used my Caruso rollers on air dried hair, set the rollers for 15 Min's until they were cooled off then i proceeded to wrap my hair using saran wrap and sat under my dryer (bonnet) for 10 minutes. This step helped smoothed my hair and release the tight curl.

I loved my results, it was alot quicker than doing a regular roller wrap and the results are just about the same IMO. My hair was extremely full (my hair is really thick), i like it but my roots were kinda poof. You can flat iron or blow out the roots if you like, i choose not too, since i don't like using direct heat.





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