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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2 New Mac Lipsticks

Hey Beauties!

So i just had to have these MAC Lippies, Vegas Volt and Creme Cup...omg these colors are amazing! After seeing them on YouTube, i just had to add it to my MAC Collection... i swear im done, well for now on the MAC lippies...lol. I really want the MAC  woodwinked, ricepaper, and expresso to add to my eyeshadow collection...thanks to ulovemegz lol! Hmmm...maybe ill get it sooner than later, because it looked so pretty when she had it on...SMH, Damn YouTube!!!

okay...heres the pics Beauties.

CREME CUP (left) & VEGAS VOLT (right)



 CREME CUP (more creamy) & VEGAS VOLT (matte finish)

And here is a picture of my wearing MAC's Ruby Woo...such a SEXY RED =-)


  1. woodwinked is a must and also if you dont have satin taupe get it. both of those are beautiful colors against african american complexion.

  2. nice picks they all pretty,cant wait for FOTD with these hun

  3. Wow you got so many lipsticks from MAC!!!

  4. thank you everybody...FOTD feat all my New MAC Lippies, really soon=) and PrincessJasmine...oh no, lol, well i guess ill be adding that to my list..thanks Love!

  5. I love Vegas Volt just copped that and some other great colors including that lady gaga nude love them!!!!

  6. A great coral that I recently purchased for Exxhibitionist from Mac's Peacocky Collection

  7. @Sweetfaceluxe..i have seen that gaga nude, im thinking of getting that..do you like it?

    @L281173..oooh thank you..im so bout to check that out right now, thanks!!


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