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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Usher Omg Concert...AGAIN!

YES AGAIN!! I guess you can say I'm a True Die Hard FAN!! I went back in Dec with my girl, we had a blast, it was such a GREAT show! Worth every penny, we were in the 9th roll, and the seats were AMAZING!

Well now im going in a couple weeks, May 20th with another friend, my other friend is having a baby the following week, i told her thats all she needs, to be at the concert and she goes into labor lol.

But im still going of course, i just couldn't pass it up, seriously, i didn't go when i was younger so im making up for lost time lol. This time me and my friend are in.....2nd ROLL!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? OMG im going to take some AMAZING PICTURES, last time i took my Sony because its small and i was able to throw it in my clutch! Well forget that, im taking my BIG CANON SLR, quality is better of course and the video is HD

Now i hope i get picked to go on stage, i mean who doesn't right! lol...i cant wait, im excited of course! Ill post pictures, my OOTN, and some videos after the event.

Are any of you going to the Omg Concert, or have been?

Also, has anyone brought tickets from STUBHUB, what were your experience?


  1. Girl I got excited just reading your post! But I'm not that big of an Usher fan so I don't plan on going. Now if you had said Ne-Yo that would have been different, lol.

  2. omg.. have a blast and 2nd roll wow im jealous.. I hope you get picked hehe

  3. Judy- lol, i cant wait, im too excited. I like Ne-Yo too, love his songs

    Maureen-thank you Beauty...girl i hope!!!!!


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