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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Almost Time...OMG Concert

Its almost time!!! I cant wait until FRIDAY gets here...im so excited...I really think ill be getting picked, lol *wishful thinking*. I already decided what im going to wear, sexy and classy as always! I cant wait to show you beauties! My friend also found her dress when we went to the mall over the weekend, its hot!

I plan on making my Usher OOTE for that night too, and my friend will be in that video so yall can check her out too, that video should be up next Saturday hopefully.

Now i know i said i was gonna take my Canon but you know what, i really dont feel like carrying that big camera around, and what if something happens to that camera while im out, imma be super pissed. So ill just take my Sony, i can slip that in my clutch easily. Plus i dont plan on taking all those video clips either since i just went in Dec, but i will take a few though since im sitting closer(2nd roll =D).

So let the count down begin....

Cya Friday Usher =) lol


  1. Girl I hope you have a freaking blast at the concert! Oh and I hope he picks you to go on stage, I know that would be something you remmber for a lifetime! Well enjoy yourself

  2. Thank You Girl!!! I pray he do...=)!!


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