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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Im Too Blessed To Be Stressed!

Im sure everybody could relate to this in someway. Rather you are stressed over your health, school, money, work, family, whatever it is, just stressed about something. Then its time to take a step back, and ask God to take over that stress...

Sometimes we tend to deal with things on our own, we think we dont need anybody to help us, that we could make it on our own. Well if you beleive that, ask yourself how many times have you failed in that area. You may have been ok for awhile, but that problem that turned to stress came right back into your life...its on repeat cycle..just keeps happening and happening.

Its time to ask God to take over it. Prayer is so strong and so needed, its so simple. But so many of us DONT do it, or stay on that path. We loose sight, we walk in the other direction, and we loose faith. It happens, we are human...but at the same time, we know Better.

No matter what you are stressed about, think to yourself, IM TO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED. Because at the end of the day, i bet your Blessings out weight your Stress...think about it. You have alot to be thankful, there are so many people out here who doesn't realize their blessings because they are so focused on whats "bad" in their lives instead of whats "good".

So today, thank God for your blessings and pray to him for your problems, hand it over to him...let him release you of your hurt and pain, its possible, have faith and leave it to him.

So enjoy your day Beauties and as always Stay Blessed!


  1. I totally agree!! I've been in that same stressful boat but once I took a look at all the blessings I had been receiving, the stress seemed obsolete. As that old song my grandma sings goes, "all of my good days outweigh my bad days- I won't complain." Have a wonderfully blessed day my sista! :)

  2. thanks sooo much! this is just what i needed to hear today. God bless you!! :)


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