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Monday, May 23, 2011

USHER & AKON PICS 2nd Row Quality

Hey Beauties, i wanted to share some pictures with you from the USHER OMG CHICAGO CONCERT from Friday! These pictures are amazing because he was standing LITERALLY RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!! He looked at us several times, it was so amazing to be noticed by him after loving him and his music for 15 years!!!!! My friend took these pictures, TY ESSENCE!!! I was to busy taking video clips and screaming when he looked at me ahahaha.... 1 of the Best Moments of my LIFE!!!


  1. Nice, I didn't realize Usher had such a nice body. He still looks so young. You were really close!

  2. YES YES YES GIIIIIRL LOL!!! OMG...AHHH AHAHA ok cant you tell im still excited

  3. You are SOOOO lucky you got to see Usher in concert!!!! I'm jealous lol!

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