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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Random...Get to Know ME

Hey Beauties, so i thought this would be fun to do. Something Random to do, letting you get to know me a little better lol. So everything in this post is some Random Things about me, feel free to comment below about anything and if you want to leave something Random about yourself...do it, ill love to read it =)

Lets Get Started Shall We?

I love texting, i can have a whole conversation through a text message, sad but true. Its 2011 baby! lol

I love to eat Mac n Cheese with KETCHUP, sounds gross but it is sooo good!

I dont care to go to the movies alot, i actually get sleepy when i go, not a big movie person, lol i dont keep track of that stuff.

I dont like talking on the phone, unless its very important, send me a text lol. I have 2 kids under 4 so im VERY BUSY, ALL THE TIME.

I cant stand to see babies/children without jackets/hats when its cold outside.

I love to snack, candy and chips, yum!

I love to read books..when i can.

I hate when people dont know when to leave, lol.

I LOVE being pregnant, if i could, i would stay pregnant all year around, i love the bonding and watching my tummy grow, its such an amazing feeling.

I love the spring..and i hate winter

I love holidays with the family!

Going for walks are so relaxing
I hate disrespectful children, i mean not the actual child, but hate how they could become disrespectful--this is the parents fault, we don't look at the child, we look at the PARENT!

Popcorn and hot sauce!

Reality TV, even though its not really "reality" i still love the drama haha

Mexican food (well the TACOS) is my FAVE even though im Half Puerto Rican-smh, i sound like a traitor huh lol

I plan on getting my college degree soon

love flowers, doesnt matter which kind, i just love the smell of fresh flowers



  1. I love the rain and wind. I wish it was like that every day! Every time it rains, I feel like watching Pride and Prejudice. :)


  2. I understand about the talking on the phone, i would rather just txt...

    I love the smell of the ground when the rain has just hit it.. mmmm

  3. haha! love it :)
    thx for sharing


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