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Monday, May 16, 2011

FOTD:: Purple Passion

Hey Beauties, so this is my FOTD, really I'm just playing around with my makeup and colors for this week. I'm tryna decide what to do for Friday for the concert...so Ill be posting my looks i come up with.

I really love this purple,i love purple shadows period! If i decided to wear this look, ill add some black liquid liner and some falsies to complete the look.

On the corners i added some black shadow (pics below) to add a more intense look.

Products Used, not pictured-> MAC Fix+ and ELF eye primer

The NC 42 I used under my eye for highlight

Colors used. For the Base i sprayed my brush with MAC Fix+ first then i applied the dark purple all over my lid, then using a different dry brush i applied the lighter purple over it and blended. Next i applied both purples to my lower lash line. Finally for the corner i added a little bit of this black to make it more drastic.

CS Shimmer Palette

added this on top of my Dainty Blush

Final Look

Overall, i like it, but I'm not satisfied with this being the look for Friday night...so onto tomorrow...hmmm, I'm thinking Money Green! lol


  1. Hey! Love the blog. You should check mine out and spread the word<3 Don't forget to like it on facebook!

  2. this looks very gorgeous on you, good combination


  3. Beautiful! Of course purple is my favorite color.

  4. cute! It suits you you could always intensify the look to make it more "concert" appropriate.

  5. Girl thats such a pretty look :D

  6. Girl I'm in love with that look. I will definitely be trying this look out!


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