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Monday, August 15, 2011

Eden Allure PURE Argan Oil

Hello Beauties!!!

If you have been following my hair journey, you know i love argan oil. However the argan oil i was using wasnt Pure. I was lucky enough to be able to try out Eden Allures PURE Argan Oil from Morocco. This oil is very very light weight on the hair. I apply this to my hair after its dry and moisturize, i focus mainly on my ends and rub the rest through out the hair. I have to say, i love this oil. The only thing is you get very little product, but that's to be expected since this oil is 100% Pure ARGAN OIL.

Will i buy this in the future? Yes, i love how it feels on my hair, giving it shine and leaves it soft- plus you can use this on your skin!!!

note...a little goes a LONG way. I use 2-3 pumps daily.


For women of all ages (and men who take extra pride in their hair). Use our organic Argan oil to restore shine and softness to dull lifeless hair, and strengthen brittle hair. The Vitamin F (Omega 6) nourishes the scalp alleviating itchy and dry scalps.

Essential moisture is provided to the hair, promoting healthy growth, and discouraging breakage. The Vitamin E in the Argan oil is necessary to provide good circulation to the scalp, and creates the perfect condition for healthy hair to grow. Healing and nourishment is provided to hair damaged by styling and coloring. The rich amount of anti-oxidants protect your hair against free radical damage, and other harmful environmental factors. Argan Oil instantly absorbs into the hair, creating a radiant shine with no oily residue.

Directions: A great product for all hair types. At most, treat yourself to this luxurious indulgence twice a week. For hair repair and nourishment, apply a generous amount of Argan oil to your hair, running your hands thoroughly back and forth. Wrap a warm towel around your head, and let it sit for thirty minutes before washing your hair. For protection and shine, apply a small amount of Argan oil to your hair after shampooing by running your hands through your hair from scalp to end. Give your hair that healthy glow all day.


Our popular 100% pure deodorized argan oil from Morocco in a Moisturizing and nourishing, this natural oil gives your skin the vitality and beauty it deserves. The Vitamin F (essential fatty acids) and triterpens regenerate and rejuvenate skin cells, encouraging the growth of new healthy cells while helping to shed dead ones.

Imagine your skin more supple, more toned, more resistant. The rich amount of anti-oxidants in Eden Allure Argan oil provide your skin with a natural barrier protecting it from smoke, pollution, and harmful free radicals. Argan oil contains a high amount of anti-inflammatory agents (Vitamin E and triterpens) which are effective for relieving muscle aches and joint pains, making this the most all around amazing massage oil. This wonderful organic oil revitalizes your body, keeping it fresh and soft. Natural, gentle, and soothing, Eden Allure Argan oil is perfect for daily use after bathing.

Directions: Massage all over body or in desired areas until completely absorbed into skin. Use in the morning or evening after cleansing for best results.

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