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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hair Chat: Wanna go natural?

Hey Beauties! So im sitting here with my 11weeks post relaxer hair and just wondering how it would be to go natural...The last time i remember my hair being natural is when i was about 3 years old. All i have is a picture to remember it, lol, sorry its not on my pc, but i will try to scan it later or whatever. The texture was really pretty and curly. My mother has natural curly hair, but its a different texture, im mixed so my texture is really different from hers. If i could figure out how to detangle my hair better with the new growth, then i should be able to do it, of course without the big chop. I mean i wear halfwigs anyway 99% of the time, so that would help with transition. I just dont know about the detangle part, seriously. And once i get past 11 wks post like i am now, if i air dry without running a comb through it or pinning it up, my hair becomes a big poof of mess lol and i cant get my fingers through the new growth. But i would like to go natural and say buh bye relaxer. After all, i could still wear my hair straight at times thanks to the invention of a blow dryer and flat iron lol.

just maybe i will...i will see next month. Dec marks my 2year hair anniversary, instead of relaxing it maybe ill just blow it out really good and flat iron and move into the newyear with a new journey...NATURAL =)

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  1. I really think that you should go for it!..I'm 6 months post-relaxer. It's really easy to transition without the big chop. The best thing about natural hair is really the versatility it gives you...you can wear it really straight or really curly! I still don't have all of the best advice on how to transition (I'm still learning myself), but if you have any questions or just want some support, I'm here! =)


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