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Monday, November 8, 2010

MAC:: Pro LongWear spf 10 Foundation

Hey Beauties!!! So i picked up the Mac Pro LongWear foundation a few weeks back and i must say i love it...gosh, MAC is a problem...all i think about are MAC products lol. I love this foundation, it gives good coverage, nice and even look without looking to heavy. But i must say i love my Satin Finish foundation by MAC 100% better...but the pro long last such a long time. I wish they would combine the two...if they did that, boy would i buy it all. But this foundation is great when you are going to an event and need something to last without reapplying. (Ill be wearing this foundation to the concert, being i need something to last some hours) but i wouldnt wear this on an everyday or just running to the store or whatever. I use about a pump and a half and i use my MAC 188 brush to apply it...this brush is so freaking amazing it really helps even more in giving such a flawless look...im thinking about getting the MAC 187....Do you have it? Details please =-)

But you can use whatever else brush you like, i know my mom uses her fingers for her pro longwear, but she is picking up the 188 after seeing my result. But i must say, her look was still good, not heavy-- but natural and beautiful.

Check out the pics...I have the foundation on of course=)

xoxo PureBeauty


  1. I'd get the 130 brush instead of the 187 to apply it. I tworks so well with liquids and creams

  2. Very nice....what shade did u use?

  3. NC45 :) ..Thanks beauty


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