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Monday, November 8, 2010

Usher & Trey...almost that time!

Omg...i can not believe my special time is almost here, lol @ special time...yea its that serious! I can not wait...less than 30 days...of course i will snap some pics for you all and sum video clips as well...I already have what im going to wear, a sexy but classy sweater dress with some cute boots...pics after the concert of course =-) I havent decided what to do to my hair yet. I wanted to get a sewin but i dont trust anyone in my hair, dont want to risk it, people love to cut or whatever..not happening with me. Thought of a quick weave, but naw...then a lacefront, not feeling them anymore, not natural enough for me...so guess what...ill be wearing...what? a half wig but of course lol. I ordered a few, should be here any day now, so i will decide once i get to try it on. Currently im 11wks post relaxer...so i have to work with my ng for blending, will be relaxing at 17wks post...

Back to the subject lol... almost time to see Usher...YAY!!!!

Are you going to see Usher in concert? Have you seen him before?

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