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Monday, November 15, 2010

GoodBye Past...Hello Future...

Hey Beauties =) so today is a random post. Its about saying goodbye to your past and enjoying your present and your future. I know many of us ladies tends to hold on to past issues, being situations you been through that you could never really let go. Or past friendships that didn't work out for whatever reason, or relationships, etc. Life tends to take you through a roller coaster, but how your life plays out is really how you let it. And with that, im talking about being saved by God. Once you are saved, you really do look at the world differently, you have a new set of eyes. You want to live your life right, by God, in EVERYTHING you do. So everything in your past that has hurt you, or just wasn't right, you have to let it go. Once you have let it go, you can enjoy your Blessings God has Provided you with. It feels good to be saved and renewed. I no longer want to live "my way" but i want to live Gods Way. Im not perfect, and im never trying to pretend i am, i don't have a perfect life, come on now we are all humans...humans are not perfect. But my life is so much better and peaceful now that i have completely started to live for God. I have seen the difference in my life, my marriage, my children, my friendships...etc. So im saying Good Bye to everything in my past, the past friendships that didnt workout, they know who they are, im sure they are reading this, may God Bless You. Good Bye to all my past pains, i forgive all who has hurt me, and may those forgive me for those who i have hurt along the way.



  1. hi! thank you very much for sharing this. it really struck me and for the first part, i can very well relate (being a girl, holding on to past....). my goal is to work this out in my life quite soon - to offer to God all my hurts, disappointments, and pains so as i may enjoy the present and the future. again, thank you.

  2. Hi Beauty, thank you so much for taking time out to read my post and commenting. May God bless you and enjoy your journey in Life, one thing i do know is once you offer him your life & love, he gives you so much joy and peace, its so wonderful. =-)

  3. you're welcome, it was my pleasure internalizing your article. soon, i will feel that joy and peace again :) may God bless you even more for sharing your pure total beauty :)


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