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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Growing OUT Your Eyebrows

Hellllllo Beauties, was I missed? Lol... I've been so busy this week. But I'm back, and with some great tips for growing out your eyebrows.

Are you like me, and sometimes get a little carry away with the razor or whatever? Because I know I do, lol. And growing it out sucks... Egh! Well do you know on average it takes 6-8 weeks to grow your eyebrows out... That's so horrible for us Beauties, I mean we don't want to walk around for a month or two looking... Well jacked up lol... But I can share some tips with you that can help with you growing out your eyebrows and still looking beautiful... Read on.

- Concealer is your Bestfriend, use a shade or two light as your highlight and this will help conceal those little stray hairs and give you that fresh clean look...
- Massage your eyebrow area with your finger or use a eyebrow brush in circular motions, this helps stimulate growth.
- There are certain vitamins that can enhance the regrowth of hair. Try taking Vitamin C,A, B3 and last but not least E. These nutrients will stimulate the recovery, due to their ability to increase the protein in our organism.
- Rub Castor oil on your eyebrows, this helps with fast growth.
- Use EyeBrow pencil to shade in areas where your hair hasn't grown in yet, apply gently with a soft stroke to make it look more natural.

So those are my tips Beauties, hope you found it helpful and If you have anything you do differently... Do share :-)

Stay Blessed


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Stay Blessed

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  1. thanks for the tips girl!
    growing out my eyebrows is such a pain, lol.


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