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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Part 1:: Beauty Benefits of Vitamin E

Hello Beauties...

**Before i move on when my post, i want to give my love and blessings to those who have lost a loved one in 9-11 and those who are morning. May God continue to give you strength. God Bless**

So i did my research of course, i love finding the beauty benefits of vitamins that we take! So i brought me some Vitamin E oil, and i wasn't to sure what to do with it...so thanks to my favorite search engine, google, i found some great stuff of which I'm going to share with you beauties...

"Vitamin E oil is a miracle for your skin. It helps with fine lines, wrinkles, and um hello, ACNE & STRETCH MARKS!!! This vitamin has antioxidant properties. Meaning once its applied to your beautiful skin, it prevents formation of free radicals. Thus it prevents any damage to the skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin E is also an excellent moisturizer, it retains natural moisture and also prevents water loss from the skin. Sounding good right lol, read on...so it works wonders for dry & dull skin, this will give life to your skin.

Additional Benefits::

-can be used as a sunscreen (mix it in your favorite sunscreen) & treats sunburns

-helps with anti-aging, makes skin appear more youthful

-can remove scars due to acne, surgery, & bruises (should be applied daily)

stay tuned for part two, Vitamin E benefits for Hair =-)

xoxo PureBeauty


  1. I love Vitamin E it's a wonderful oil. I use it for most of the things you listed. Great post and I love you blog!!!

  2. i cant wait to try it..i have, now im bout to use it and work it in with my skincare reg'!! thanks so much beauty! god bless.

    xoxo purebeauty

  3. hi :) i've started a new blog about curly hair
    follow please i sure that you'll like it
    thank you ;)

  4. Great Post! I've been studying up on this lately. I wanted to try it out! I will be looking for the other post!


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