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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to get that perfect flawless look...

with your foundation? Hey Beautiful Ladies! So i have the perfect tip to applying your foundation. If you hate that powder look i do, that clearly shows you have foundation on..keep reading.

The secret is in your brush, how you apply it...do you rub it in? well that's that problem right there, at least for me it is. I find it when i rub it in, no matter how light i apply my makeup, it just looks like i have foundation on and i don't like that. So to get an airbrush look, dab your brush in your foundation of choice, i used MAC nc45, shake off the lose powder then dab it all over your face. You will deff notice a more natural looking makeup application. I told my friend about this and she also stated that this made a huge difference. So try it out Beauties. Later.

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  1. Girl your make up and hair looks flawless... thanks for the tip


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