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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


at the end of the day i will always stand strong and with my head to the sky...my children are my life, my air, and i could never do them wrong or mistreat them for whatever reason. i will always be right there for them!

theres so many people out there mistreating children, im sick of it, sick of reading about it, all these innocent babies...im sick of no good fathers not being there for their children and leaving it to the mother to take care of them on their own. i was brought up with out a father because he was too much of a b!tch to stand up.

for women out there, stand strong & treat your children right, rather its your blood or your stepchild, a child is a child! if you are with a man and he already has another child, if you choose to be with him, u r choosing to be a mother as well...so treat that child right!

for the men, just because you and the mother of your child didnt work out, dont take it out on your children, they still deserve a father! dont B!tch out!


  1. Very true~I was just thinking along these lines earlier when I see all the children who are being untreated. They didn't ask to come here. I think you summed it up!

  2. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award because your blog has great information and is very inspirational. Check out my blog.

  3. oh wow...thank you so much Blessed Tresses, that really means alot. I love to try to help people when i can..=-))))) God Bless


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