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Monday, August 23, 2010

Realtionship Advice:: Keys to a Successful Marriage/Relationship


  1. I've been with my husband for seven years and married for three. I'm in the same boat with him being my first and only. Everything your saying is the truth. Being that he is in the military it can really test our relationship. everyday we try and work on our communication. I love this video♥

  2. hey Ronesha...yea we often find our relationship being tested, thats where we look to God and pray..and thank you so much for watching and commenting...god bless your marriage =-)))

  3. Hey,
    100% of what you saying right now is what me and my spouse are dealing with this year. We have been together 6 years and married for going on 5 years next month. You just spoke my heart and really appreciate the tips that you gave cuz i know for a fact that they are true.

  4. hey Amirini...yea these are the keys to making it wpork in any relationship, but its alota hard work...but with the power of God it is possible....=-) God Bless you and your husband.

  5. I love the video, and indeed you are very wise. I do have a question for you, as you mentioned that if your man cheats on you "one" time and you forgive him, then you're working through the issue. But, if he has "cheated" on you once, how do you really know if it's only once and if he will continue to do it?

    All you have to go on is his word, which is kind of shaky since the "trust" has been broken to begin with.

    I tell you honey, I can deal with many, many things and work through probably ANY other issues with my man. But a cheater is the one thing I will never be able to live with (even if it was only "once"). Just me though.

    Love the advice otherwise and thanks for posting this video. Keeping God 1st is definitely a keeper.

  6. thank you Hair Care Diaries,thats a very good question, and i know many goes through this very issue. You cant/wont know for sure if your spouse is or will cheat on you again, you have to find it in yourself and in your realationship to see if it is worth it to work it out..if it is, you have to forgive and with forgiving you move on.

    yea all one can do is go on the others word & yes it is deff shaky since that trust has been broken, it takes time to gain trust back..but like i said you have to know when its worth it to stay and if so..forgive-forgive-forgive..and move on with them or alone.

    But if someone is cheating on you, getting caught, cheating on you, getting caught..keeps on..then its deff time to move on..hope that makes sense?

    thank you so much for watching my video and taking time to comment..stay blessed beauty

    xoxo purebeauty =-)

  7. I was just talking on the phone to my sister last night and mentioned to her your video and how insightful it is. The most important thing you said is "don't go outside of your marriage with problems." Keeping friends and relatives out of your internal issues within the marriage is key and I am really glad you stressed that. Especially family, because your issues can change their perception of your spouse to something negative...and you really don't want that because it can lead to bigger issues.

    The only time I would say it's okay for someone to reach outside of their marriage to friends/family is if they're in some kind of a domestic violence situation. Thanks so much, because you don't realize how many ppl you've probably touched with the advice in your video!


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