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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CurlFormers & New Color

Hey Beauties!!!

So I just recently brought some curlformers from sallys after seeing so many reviews, good reviews on it.... I had to try them for myself ESP bc I love curly styles! Now the starter pack comes with 46 rollers I beleive, I would Suggest you get this over the single packs. Starter kits cost $60 and the single packs are $12. Now don't be silly like me lol, I thought I could get away with 3 single packs... Um no! Lol had to go get 2 more lol so I would have been better off getting the kit!

Note; small sections, if you do it too big, your hair will get caught and it will not go thru the roller.

Check out the pics, after the rollers are out::

Look at all that new growth! Yay lol


Overall:: I LOVE my results and the product is high in price but it really pays for itself. 5 stars!

I love how fast it dries due to the material. It takes some getting use to learning how to use this but it gets easier after practice.

I Applied the rollers after I washed my hair, while wet, applied my garnier leave in and my argan oil and some keraCare foam lotion. And airdried over night. No Heat= Healthy Hair! Results:: soft shiny curls full of body.

Also I applied a rinse, Champ Brown, I wanted a darker brown, my natural color is a med brown.

Can't wait for my relaxer next month!

One more thing, this product works great even if you have alot of new growth!
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  1. Great review, I wish I lived in the US, those curlformers do leave a great result. You look great and your hair looks nice and healthy.

    Your post just reminded me my hair needs perming too, I hate when my roots have grown out,can't wait to perm mine either.


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