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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Black Tea Rinse

Hey Beauties!!!

So I have heard so much on the black tea rinse that I had to try it out. This is suppose to actually STOP your shedding... Egh hate shedding! This caught my eye... But it's also suppose to STIMULATE hair GROWTH... Um seriously ok you got my attention lol and help Your locks get STRONGER!!! This is what we all want right.. I know I do.

So I got my black tea from walmart under $3.00

The bags are small, so I'm using 5 per rinse

Now beware: I heard this tea tends to darken your hair.

So I used it yesterday after I washed my hair. I let it sit for 30 mins with a cap then placed conditioner over my tea rinse for 1.5 hours and rinsed...

Results: my hair felt stronger...I will post my update in a few days to see if it stops my shedding *crosses fingers*

Time to slap on my protective style: halfwigging it out lol

Oh yea. I let the tea sit for 6 hours so it could be strong.

Later Beauties!
Stay Blessed!

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  1. I have tried this method and it's better than mayonnaise!:D

    Thanks for posting about this.:D

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