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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Congrats to the Bride & Groom

Hey Beauties...so today's post is about marriage, a new marriage...me and my husband attended his cousins wedding yesterday, doesn't she look BEAUTIFUL, i mean really BEAUTIFUL...SO PRETTY! Her and the groom both look beautiful!! I love seeing people that are in love get married...its such a beautiful thing, a beautiful bond! May God Bless their marriage and their new life together as husband and wife. Enjoy some of the pics...


  1. That's beautiful!! I love weddings!
    And you and ur hubby look great together! =)
    The cousin who got married, is her husband hispanic? Just curious b/c it looks as if he might be...

  2. Thanks Beauties and yes Ashli he is :-) Mexican

  3. Lol That's great to know! =) It gives me hope! Lol I pray that God blesses me with an Hispanic man. I don't know why...I really don't but your cousin has given me hope!!

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  5. I will pray for you to find true love beauty.. Just keep your eyes open for love :-)

  6. You and your husband look so beautiful together!!
    Congrats to the bride and groom. Its a really lovely post. stay blessed :)

  7. thank you so much beauty @ Fashion Rehab!!=-)

  8. Thank you so much!! =) I really appreciate that!!


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